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937new.wav A computer voice says, "You have 937 new messages...all of which are marked urgent."(87K)

gotmail.wav From AOL and the movie, "You've got mail!" (64k)
carlin.wav "There's a letter in your mailbox!" (54k)
mailhere.wav Homer checking the mail (31k)
message.wav Sound of arrow thumping in someone's chest, then "Message for you sir!" From Monty Python. (25k)
mail.wav From the Addams Family movie (50k)
letters.wav Jingle similar to Letterman's viewer mail jingle (124k)
idmail.wav From Independence Day--"Well, looks like the mail's still workin' " (30k)
bugsmail.wav Bugs Bunny--"What's this? A letter....for me!" (35k)
amailman.wav "Mailman...got your mail here!" (53k)
email.wav Skully and Mulder from X-Files discuss their E-mail (89k)
haomail.wav A person with a foreign accent saying, "You've got mail, mail is good, I like my mail!" (50k)
igormail.wav A scream, then "You've got mail, master!" (97k)

blueclu.wav From Blue's Clues, The song, "We just got a letter..." (118K)
lucymail.wav Lucy saying, "Well, let's see what's in the mail." (39k)
mailboat.wav Jimmy Buffett singing about the mailboat. (146k)
mailworf.wav From StarTrek, "Incoming message, captain"
ddlett.wav From Dudley Do Right "I have an urgent message for Constable DoRight!" (62k)
xfile.wav A female saying "Your new mail is in."--With the X-Files theme in the background--pretty cool. (81k)
tmplton.wav Templton (Paul Lynde) from Charlotte's Web saying, "What do you think I am, a messenger boy?" (44k)
hallmail.wav Fred McMurray says, "Hallelujah, look what just came in."
lettmail.wav David Letterman says, "Congratulations Skippy, you have mail." (144k)
letter2.wav Ren, from Ren and Stimpy says, "Letter for me! Letter for me!" (35k)
snikes.wav Chris Farley:"Holy Shnikies!" Then AOL guy:"You've got mail!"(37k)
whtemail.wav From Seinfeld, Jerry says, "What the hell is E-mail?"(58k)


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