Mail Sounds

Last update:  March 18, 2001

yhoomail.wav A bicycle horn then, "Yes!" "You have new mail." "Yahooo!" (43K)
mailhnks.wav Tom Hanks says "You've got mail," from the movie of the same title. (11K)
mailcall.wav Homer Simpson says, "Mail call, gather round everyone!" (14K)
letr4me.wav From Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox says, "A letter for me?"(30K)
newmail.wav A female computer voice says, "There are new messages." (45K)
megmail.wav From You've Got Mail, Meg Ryan says, "Three little've got mail"(25K)
andymail.wav Andy Griffith says, "There's a letter here for your!" (7K)
937new.wav A computer voice says, "You have 937 new messages...all of which are marked urgent."(87K)

gotmail.wav From AOL and the movie, "You've got mail!" (64k)
carlin.wav "There's a letter in your mailbox!" (54k)
mailhere.wav Homer checking the mail (31k)
message.wav Sound of arrow thumping in someone's chest, then "Message for you sir!" From Monty Python. (25k)
mail.wav From the Addams Family movie (50k)
letters.wav Jingle similar to Letterman's viewer mail jingle (124k)
idmail.wav From Independence Day--"Well, looks like the mail's still workin' " (30k)
bugsmail.wav Bugs Bunny--"What's this? A letter....for me!" (35k)
amailman.wav " your mail here!" (53k)
email.wav Skully and Mulder from X-Files discuss their E-mail (89k)
haomail.wav A person with a foreign accent saying, "You've got mail, mail is good, I like my mail!" (50k)
igormail.wav A scream, then "You've got mail, master!" (97k)

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