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Last Update: December 23, 2002

forlate.wav From Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring--Gandalf says, "A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to." (40K)
goodlookin.wav From Happy Gillmore, "Hey, goodlookin!" (19K)
wlcmabrd.wav From Apollo 13, "Ok, uh, good evening, uh, America...and welcome aboard Apollo 13." (57K)
chess.wav From War Games, JOSHUA (the computer) says, "How about a nice game of chess?" (38K)
dmpsvlle.wav Homer says, "Welcome to Dumpsville,!" (43K)
journey.wav From The Rocky Horror Picture Show, "I would like...if I take you...on a strange journey." (92K)
wlcmlair.wav From Austin Powers, Dr. Evil says, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my underground lair." (40K)
ondeck.wavFrom A Few Good Men, "Ten-hut! There's an officer on deck."(31K)
payno.wav From The Wizard of Oz, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" (34K)
budprty.wav Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, "Hey bud, let's party!" (38K)
c3p0.wav From Star Wars, The Phantom Menace, "Oh, hello, I am C3PO, human/cyborg relations. How might I serve you?" (73K)
systems.wav A computer beep, then, "All systems are functioning within normal parameters." (16K)
heyabbot.wav Lou Costello says, "Hey Abbott!!!!" (38K)
whyhere.wav Yoda, from Star Wars--"I was wondering...why are you here?"(28K)
celbrate.wav From Independence Day, "Today...we celebrate our Independence Day!"(45K)
hellloo.wav From Home Alone, Kevin says, "Helloooo?" (15K)
howdoin.wav From Friends, Joey's famous come-on line--" you doin'?"(53K)
visitor.wav From Rocky Horror Picture Show "Master...Master! We have a visitor." (42K)
wasssuup.wav From the Bud Light commercial--"Wasssuuup!"(19K)
dino.wav Dino from The Flinstones barks to welcome Fred home. (22K)
hmrwlcm.wav Homer Simpson says, "Wecome to the Internet my friend, how may I help you?"
nicebrst.wav From Friends--Ross says, "Good morning...nice breasts by the way. (65k)
party.wav From The Mask, "It's party time. P-A-R-T-Why? Because I gotta!" (83K)
hicrazy.wav Chandler from Friends says, "Hi...You're crazy!" (36k)
iambuzz.wav "I am Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace." (23k)
hotstuff.wav Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles
hey.wav Tommy Chong's mellow "Hey" (13k)
aonlin.wav "Everybody on line. Lookin' Good" (I think from Aliens) (42k)
goodmorn.wav Robin Williams--"Goooooood Morning Vietnam!" (40k)
homcomp.wav Homer Simpson--"No time for that now, the computer's
starting!" (22k)
wlcomjp.wav " Jurassic Park" (86k)
hellonmn.wav From Seinfeld--"Hello Newman." (11k)

comeout.wav DeNiro from Cape Fear--"Come out, come out, wherever you are..." (63k)
yourang.wav Lurch from The Addams Family--a gong, then "You Rang..." (31k)
wndofail.wav The "tada" of the Windows Opening sound, but then something goes terribly wrong--funny wav (106k)
parental.wav "Due to some violent content, parental discretion is advised" (37k)
expectu.wav Darth Vader--"The emperor has been expecting you" (26k)
hiho2.wav Wilson from "Home Improvement"--"Hi Ho, Neighbor!" (38k)
rolling.wav From Tombstone--"How the hell are you?" "Wyatt, I am rolling" (109k)
feature.wav I think from HBO--"And now we are pleased to bring you our feature presentation." (130k)
hibaby.wav The Big Bopper--"Helllllooooo Baby!" (38k)


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